Does Blending Vegetables Destroy Nutrients? To Blend or Not to Blend vegetables.

does blending vegetables destroy nutrients

Smoothies are getting popular these days. So, if you want to meet your daily nutrient requirements – blending vegetables into smoothies can be a great idea. But does blending vegetables destroy nutrients? The answer can be complicated. Some websites will make you believe that vegetable smoothies lack essential nutrients and that smoothies lose nutrients overnight. … Read more

How Many Watts Does a Blender Use? – The Ultimate Guide!

how many watts does a blender use

So, you need your smoothies properly blended but you are confused about buying blenders? Before purchasing a blender you want to know ‘how many watts does a blender use’ and whether a blender consumes high power or not. Blenders have made our life a lot easier and painless. It has become an irreplaceable item in … Read more