About Us

Why We Started Kitchen Proxy

The kitchen is the heart and soul of every household. Kitchen Proxy is here to give you top-notch product reviews that make preparing food 10X more fun!

We are passionate about finding you the perfect solutions for your kitchen. We want you to stay fit, eat healthily and enjoy good food with your closed ones. In this modern era, you need to update your kitchen with appliances that will make your life easier and fast.

We get that you’re busy and purchasing the right tools for your kitchen is essential. Searching for the right tools for your kitchen online can be a hassle. We want you to make the right choices and use the best kitchen items on the market.

What Do We Do

Our concept is: “make your life simpler by ensuring you buy the equitable kitchen gadget within budget”. Each of our product reviews results from hours of study and observation by our team of experts. We strive to give you unbiased and honest recommendations and advice.

We start with an intensive market research and authentic reviews from real buyer’s, including both positive and negative experience. We then fact-check the information with credible sources. Finally, we give you the most trustworthy product reviews and cooking tips.

Buying the right blender is crucial – your smoothies neeed to taste fine right? With our tips and product reviews, we help you get the perfect blenders. From finding the best deals in kitchen items, and to making nutritious dinners kitchen proxy will give you all sorts of information.

Why Trust Us

We take pride in maintaining rigorous standards of quality and principles. We closely work with qualified experts and follow an in depth cross-checking process before publishing the reviews to make sure we get it right. Each item featured on Kitchen Proxy has been distinctively researched, tested and expert-approved. 

We invest in our employees with our readers in mind. Whether you need help in finding if a product is right for you or just want more information about a product our enthusiastic employees are here for you!

We are committed to make your life easier with our services:

  • Buying Guides: Before you buy any kitchen-related tools, read our expert advice on how to buy the latest and advanced product within your budget.
  • Product Reviews: Read the firsthand customer reviews and opinions of products and how they rate each and rank each item.
  • Product Comparisons: Too many choices around? Can find the right one? Before adding any product to your cart, read out how we compare each feature with another.
  • Updated Content: Stay tuned with new deals and the latest trends with our regular and updated content.
  • Product Guidelines: So, you bought a product after following our reviews but you don’t know how to use it. Don’t worry! We will give you the right instructions to use the equipment.
  • Product Videos: You don’t fully get the written guidelines? With each of our reviews, we provide videos for you to watch the product in action, its designs, and its features.